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Installing the Mobile Insurance Pass in your mobile wallet is easy. Once you’ve paid for your auto insurance, you will receive an email from us with a download link.
Android Phones

If you don’t have the WalletPasses app installed on your Android phone, you will be prompted to first install the WalletPasses app from the Play Store. Please view the video below for instructions.



After you’ve received the Mobile Insurance Pass email, simply click on the download link to add the pass to your Wallet app. Please view the video below for instructions.


Mobile Insurance Pass
The Digital Insurance Pass provides a convenient way for you to access your Auto Insurance policy from your mobile wallet app and serves as cover validation to the tax office, local authorities and roadside services.
QR-Code Scan
The mobile insurance pass contains a QR-Code that can be scanned and validated by the Tax Office, Police, ForenSys and 24-7 Wegewacht.
Email Delivery
You can receive your proof of insurance without having to visit our office or broker. Whenever your policy changes or renews, the same insurance pass is updated accordingly.
Accessible Online and Offline
The mobile insurance pass works both online and offline.