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Bodily Injury

Covers bodily injury due to your company’s negligence. For example, someone trips over your tools and breaks their leg or slips and hits their head on a wet floor.


Covers costs related to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a deceased person’s family are also covered if your business is legally liable for the deceased person’s death.

Property Damage

Covers damage to property you don’t own, rent or lease. For example, you or your employee drop equipment and damage a client’s floor or knock over a vase while visiting a client.

Legal Expenses

We also cover the legal and court fees for covered events, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Employers Liability

The policy can be extended to protect you from financial losses if an employee files a lawsuit against you for an injury that occurred in the course of their duties.

Product Liability

The policy can be extended to cover your legal liability for accidental injury to customers or damage to property of others caused by a product designed, produced, manufactured, repaired, or supplied by your business.

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